Different types of guitar strings.

Different types of guitar strings – What strings are best for you?

There are many different types of guitar strings out there. Guitars have been around for around 4,000 years, and guitar strings have been perfected over the years. Below is a list of different guitar strings and a brief description about them.

Acoustic guitar strings:

The main types of acoustic guitar string are bronze and phosphor bronze.

Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

  1. Bronze strings are usually made of 80% copper and 20% tin, which gives the strings a light yellow color.
  2. Bronze strings have a brighter sound then the phosphor bronze strings.

Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings –

  1. Phosphor bronze strings are basically bronze strings with phosphor added into the metal.
  2. The strings appear reddish compared to the plain bronze strings.
  3. The phosphor helps keep the metal from oxidizing and gives the strings a warmer tone.

Electric Guitar Strings:

The main types of electric guitar strings are nickel-plated, nickel and stainless steel.

Nickle-plated Electric Guitar Strings

  1. Nickel plated guitar strings are very common. The string is usually made of steel with a nickel coating.
  2. The steel helps for magnetization so the pick-up can “pick-up.”
  3. Nickel is softer then steel so it doesn’t wear down your frets as fast.

Nickel Electric Guitar Strings

  1. Nickel guitar strings are made of pure nickel, and are best if you don’t want to damage your frets.
  2. Pure nickel strings give a warmer tone then the Nickel plated strings.

Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings

  1. Stainless steel strings last for a long time and give a bright sound.
  2. Stainless steel is a hard metal so it may, over time, wear down your frets.
  3. Some people say steel strings are not as “smooth-playing” as other strings, meaning they feel almost dry.



Nylon Guitar Strings:

There are three main types of nylon guitar strings which are: normal, hard, and extra hard.

Normal Nylon Guitar Strings

  1. Normal nylon strings have less tension then the others.
  2. Since the strings have less tension the may sound messy.
  3. Normal strings are better for slower songs.

Hard and Extra Hard Nylon Strings

  1. Hard and extra hard strings have more tension so you can play them faster.
  2. Harder strings are better for faster paste songs.



Coated Guitar Strings:

  1. Coated guitar strings help with oxidization and keep your strings fresh for longer.
  2. Many factors go into the coating such as the coating thickness, adhesion, friction, application, and string construction.



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