How to preserve your new guitar strings.

Step 1: Wash Your Hands!

Guitar player’s hand, like any other persons hands, accumulate oils that can potentially harm your new guitar strings, and give birth to a bad case of corrosion. Also remember to dry your hands well after washing them! You wouldn’t want those new strings to rust. You could wash your hands in the sink but another good method is to just use hand-sanitizer. Washing your hands could soften your calluses making your fingers sensitive, but it’s better to wash them then to not.

Step 2: Wipe your strings before and after playing.

You should wipe your strings down with a cotton cloth before and after playing guitar. Wiping your guitar strings will help keep those nasty old off of your strings that you may have missed in the “Wash Your Hands” step. There are also products out there that you can use to put on your new guitar strings to help preserve them.

Step 3: Putting product on your strings.

There are many products out there to clean your guitar strings such as: Kyser Dr.Stringfellow String Cleaner, Creanoso Guitar String Cleaner, Planer Waves XLR8 String Lubricant/Cleaner, and amazon’s choice GHS Fast Fret String and Neck Lubricant You can get here, on amazon. Just put some of the product on that cotton cloth mentioned earlier and wipe down your strings with the product. Some people, in the past, have used wd-40, but it is said to damage your guitar (I wouldn’t recommend it).

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