Top Three acoustic instruments!

Acoustic band for smart people!

Have you ever wanted to play around the campfire with no cords and minimal equipment? well here are three acoustic instruments that would be great for an acoustic band.


Drums create the very base of a song, creating a rhythm you can sing or play an instrument to. Some would say a full size drum kit is too big to carry around. Clever humans use 5 gallon buckets or hard-shell suitcases to mimic the sound of a full size drum kit, but you can’t go wrong with a Cajon. A Cajon is a percussion instrument you can smack, slap, and tap on which makes a great alternative, even better than the 5 gallon bucket, to throw in the back of your

  • Creates rhythm 
  • Compact 
  • Easy to use


The bass player creates the fundamental tone, telling you weather to sing or play your instrument higher or lower. There are many routes with this one. There are GIGANTIC bass violins which are NOT good for throwing in the back of your mini-van. There are also acoustic bass guitar but many people say they are to quiet. A better option would be a bassuke (ukulele bass). Click here to see what a ukulele bass looks like, they’re very unique. It’s hard to get good volume out of any smaller bass instruments so I would recommend picking up a mini honey-tone amp (kinda contradicts   the whole “acoustic” part i know). i think the best option would be to get an acoustic bass banjo! seriously go check them out.

  • Fundamental tone
  • Unique
  • Good volume


ALAS! The guitar! Arguably one of the most popular instruments out there. Guitar are like people, while coming in many different shapes and sizes, they’re all beautiful. Guitars can lead a vocal line or keep the rhythm of a song. So pick up, and play one!

  • Wide range of usage
  • Travel Friendly
  • Many to choose from 

(an older video but still amazing)

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